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'Let the children come to Me...such is the Kingdom of Heaven' MT 19:14

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  • Welcome to NCSA

    The National Christian School Association is an educational association of 98 secondary schools in 26 states serving more than 30,000 students. Most NCSA schools are independent, governed by a self-perpetuating board. A few are a ministry of a particular congregation, children's home or university. All of the schools have a historical relationship with the churches from the Restoration movement and most have a tie to the Churches of Christ. Students of all faiths are welcome at member schools of the National Christian School Association.

  • Our Purpose

    Christian education is much more than just a Bible class added to the state's curriculum or daily devotional services added to an otherwise secular environment. Christian education is about the intersection of faith with every part of the curriculum and each activity that the school sponsors. Christian schools are uniquely able to handle the questions about the nature of God, his creation and what he expects of us-questions that can arise naturally out of any class.