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Board Training Videos

We are happy to make available to your school our Board Training Videos. Each of the six videos is between 15 and 25 minutes long. We have priced the videos where with one only payment you can have unlimited access to all six videos.

Here is the pricing structure for access to the videos. You will need to pay with a credit card in order to  complete the process.

  • NCSA Schools (Accredited by NCSA) - $100.00 for entire series
  • NCSA Schools (Not Accredited by NCSA) - $200.00 for entire series
  • Non NCSA Schools and Other Non-Profit Organizations - $400.00 for entire series

In order to view the videos, please take the following steps:

  • Complete the online form below
  • Choose the right category for your school or organization for the right payment option.
  • Enter "1" to purchase a complete set of videos.
  • Checkout with a credit card
  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email from the NCSA office containing a link to the videos.
  • Be sure to bookmark the location of the videos so you can return to them as needed.
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