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7 Steps for College Students to Prepare for Future Career
Chris Richardson 12/04/2017 10:00 AM CST

Everyone says graduation is a happy time, but is it really? You should certainly celebrate this enormous success in your life, but graduation also means that you are about to enter a new, unknown period of your life. For most students, this period becomes frustrating and confusing, solely because of the reason that they haven't decided what comes next.

If you are one of these students, stop worrying! Yes, thinking about your future while still in school is a smart move, but preparation for your future career does not have to be so difficult.

Here are some of the best strategies to plan for your future career:

1. Explore Various Options

You cannot and should not make rush decisions when it comes to something as important as your career path. Since you've already graduated, you probably have an idea as to which field you are interested in. But, as the actual career approaches, you need to be more specific with your plans.

Do you plan to continue your education?

Will the degree you are about to receive be sufficient to get you the job you need?

And most importantly, which specific job position you are aiming to get?

Once you explore all options, you can set the strategies for your future career. This will also help you determine which career choice meets your needs regarding finances and of course, passion.  Just remember – you must always be realistic about your goals. No one can start from the very top.

2. Get an Internship

The most rewarding experience you can get before you enter the career world is the one you get through an internship. What many students do not acknowledge is that, aside from being a great addition to their resume, an internship actually comes with enormous benefits in terms of their career.

Why is this?

The biggest benefit of internship is the confirmation. If you spend a few weeks working in an industry you find to be good for you, you can confirm or reject your belief that this is the best career for you. And while it is certainly a huge advantage for you as a job applicant, an internship primarily serves to give you an idea of your future career.

3. Interview People

We are not speaking about an actual professional interview, but simple conversations with people around you.

A person who has the relevant experience in the industry can help you a lot, starting from giving you tips to succeed to providing you with contacts of influential people in the industry. You will learn that solely by interviewing a person in the industry you can open a path to many opportunities.

With the advance in technology, this person does not even have to be a person you know or are close to. Use the popular career online networks such as LinkedIn to make useful connections.

4. Visit the Career Services Office in Your School

The career services office can help you find useful information regarding open job positions, internships and even volunteer opportunities you can use while you are at school. In addition to this, the career services in your school can guide you towards making the right decision, and help you determine if your current choice is the best according to your qualifications.

5. Work on Your Cover Letter

Getting a job is difficult in today's competitive world. Unfortunately, getting your first job as a student is much more challenging than as an adult with experience behind them.

This puts an even bigger accent on the application you will send out to the potential employer. 'Not having the years of experience other candidates have does not mean that you cannot get the job, but it means that you must do your best to present your qualities in that short resume you will submit. ' – says Venera Peets, content writer at Essay Geek writing service.

If you cannot write an excellent resume or doubt your skills to get the job you want, hire an expert.

6. Calculate Your Expenses

How much do you already owe in student loans? If you are planning to take a job in another city and move, how much will this cost you?

Once you calculate your expenses, you can evaluate if the job you are aiming to get is sufficient to cover these. Make sure you are always informed on the payment deadlines and expenses, to ensure that you start this big period of your life in the right way.

7. Find a Mentor

Mentors can be instrumental in helping you organize your life after graduation. Find a good mentor and get some guidance.

If you are struggling with your post-education choices, these are great starting tips that will help you make the transition easier. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar.

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